Main strategies of Inuit Missionary

The missions to the Inuit people are very high and have been spread over various parts of the history. The best part of such missions to Inuit is that they paved way for other missions to work on the same path. The history of the Inuit Catholic Missions can be traced back to 1894 and even before that. There are many prominent figures of the era which made sure that the work regarding Christianity is done without any hindrance. The Anglican Church Missionary Society was founded in the mid-1800s. The Baffin Island was captured with the efforts of these missionaries. The work of all such missions was matchless and it allowed the cultural change and transformation of Inuit. The work of the missionaries also allowed the people of the region to get more attached to the diocese.

The work of Gospel

The first and the foremost strategy which is adopted by the people of the missionaries was the teaching of Gospel. The work of the gospel was very important as there were full syllabi was developed to make sure that the local people get to know about the religion. The Gospel was translated into different languages. The work of the Gospel was also preached in their own Inuit language so that the locals could understand it easily. The fact of the matter is that the Inuit Culture was based on Oral learning. This kind of work was new to the Inuit and they accepted in rapidly. Things completely changed in the 20th Century which means that the people completely adopted the reading methodology.

Inuit environment

It is very important to note that the western terminology and the work of the different nations in different fields were rapidly developing. The work of these nations made sure that the Inuit people start accepting them. This also paved a way for the missionaries to integrate themselves into the Inuit culture. The work of the missionaries was highly effective as the Inuit were ready to change their cultural beliefs. All this research was done by the missionaries before they set foot on the Inuit soil. It is regarded by the historians as one of the smartest moves by the missionaries to preach Christianity. The shamanic traditions were also added by the missionaries to make sure that new beliefs are introduced within the Christianity. As the Inuit people had a liberal environment so there was no hindrance for the missionaries to complete their missions successfully.

The mystery

The mystery

Why Inuit people converted to Christianity is something that is still a mystery. Though their environment was liberal it is hard to leave a complete code of life. Some people are of the view that in this regard the missionary’s strategy in this regard was clear-cut. They wanted to target the camp leaders so that converting the locals becomes easy. But it is just an assumption and not anything can be said for sure. Whatever the case is it is very important to note that the missionaries did their work very well. Someday this might be solved by as of now it is a question for all historians.