Important Catholic mission to Inuit community

Arviat is one of the most important missions which were sent to the region and therefore can be regarded as a turning point in the history. The Arviat was formerly known as the Eskimo Point and this mission made it a very important part of the religion. The word Arviat means bowhead whale and it is currently located on the western coast and still, there are many markings which can be seen to authenticate the history. There are many regions which are located in the Arviat and all have the majority of Inuit and therefore the religion is a goldmine of info in this regard. About 94% of the total population of the region is Inuit and they have regarded every missionary which has visited their region. The best part of Arviat is that the Inuit have inhabited the area of thousands of years. Baker Lake, Repulse Bay, and Hall Beach are the other important sections of the areas.

Start of the mission

Start of the missionThe mission Arviat was founded in 1924 and it is still regarded as one of the highly successful missions of all times. The Eskimo Magazine was published in the region by the missionaries. The Oblate was the other region which was thoroughly baptized by the missionaries and the word of the religion of Christianity spread. The best part of the mission is that it remained in the area for almost 20 years. It left the region for some time but soon return back. The mission also welcomed and fostered the other missions which followed and therefore it can be regarded as one of the main foundations which are laid in the region. The first church was also established in the region by this mission and the work was enhanced to make sure that the Inuit people come to know the importance of the religion.

Lionel Ducharme

He is the founder of the mission and therefore he is regarded as one of the most important parts of all the planning which has been done regarding it. Fr. Lionel was regarded as a figure that worked very hard and ensured that the word of Christianity is learned by the Inuit people. There are many sayings about the Fr. Lionel and one of these states that he once baptized the Inuit people while there was heavy snow. People at the time stated that his hands were numb but he still performed his duties well. After this, he was widely praised and accepted by the Inuit people.

Before the mission

The environment of the Inuit people before the mission was based on mythology and there were many superstitions which were related to their beliefs. The Catholic mission in this regard made sure that the concept of Jesus is introduced. The way and life of Christianity were very quickly adopted by the Inuit and it is still said that they started practicing the ways of religion outside the scope of the missionaries. These missionaries also influenced the other groups which are living in the regions such as Greenland and Denmark.