Catholic Inuit community: everything you should know

The period of 1935 to 1950 is regarded as very important when it comes to Catholics in the Inuit community. It was the Pelly Bay which first of all saw the rise of the religion in the region and among the Inuit people. The overall management of the missionaries is done in a manner which is highly precise. The history of the region regarding the Catholic community can be traced as easily as there are many books which have been written on the subject. The fact of the matter is that the Catholics reached the region long before any mission ever arrived there. The books which have been written in this regard also show that the people of the region welcomed the first mission when they arrived in the region. The Inuit people also offered food and housing to such missionaries and therefore the first churches in the region were formed during this era.

As the time progressed it is very important to note that the mission of the missionaries and the ultimate focus was redirected. The Inuit people also asked the missionaries and the diocese to assume the important role in the society. The Inuit people, however, did not require these missionaries to get any sort of religious help. The context in this regard also shows that the Inuit people practiced the Christianity outside the scope which has been provided by the missionaries. It was during this time that the Christianity completely transformed within the region and the overall practices were also altered. The cultural needs of the Inuit people are different and therefore they also altered the practices to match their needs. This form of religion also made sure that the missionaries alter their own practices. The fact of the matter is that they only wanted to counter paganism in the area. For this, these missionaries were ready to alter their own ways of preaching as well.

Pelly BayThere are still many missionaries who are alive today and they are of the view that the work done by the missionaries to the Inuit were only Pelly Bay confined. They are the only resources left which can be relied upon. The fact of the matter is that most of the written resources which were available in that region are nowhere to be found. The non-Inuit people are also taken into context to make sure that that the Inuit are examined. The old informants of the Pelly Bay are also considered one of the most common sources of this era. They can also be contacted to get more info on the matter.

The Eskimo Journal was founded during the years which are under discussion. There are many issues regarding the missionaries which were discussed during the time. This journal was published by the Oblates and therefore it is also an important part of the mission history to the Inuit. The northern missions can also be studied to compile more info about the topic. The most important part of the history of the subject is the mentality of the missionaries which is another subject.