Important Catholic mission to Inuit community

Arviat is one of the most important missions which were sent to the region and therefore can be regarded as a turning point in the history. The Arviat was formerly known as the Eskimo Point and this mission made it a very important part of the religion. The word Arviat means bowhead whale and it is currently located on the western coast and still, there are many markings which can be seen to authenticate the history. There are many regions which are located in the Arviat and all have the majority of Inuit and therefore the religion is a goldmine of info in this regard. About 94% of the total population of the region is Inuit and they have regarded every missionary which has visited their region. The best part of Arviat is that the Inuit have inhabited the area of thousands of years. Baker Lake, Repulse Bay, and Hall Beach are the other important sections of the areas. (more…)

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