Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Review

The newest Android operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which was launch the year, has brought an improvement of design, which was first used in Android 5.0 Lollipop. This improvement includes, in some places, the possibility of replacing Google applications and services with whatever the user wishes, and it is easier for developers to build those alternatives that work just as well as providing Google by default. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, we can say that Android has become the most personal operating system that you can use on a phone or tablet.



The new default launcher does not look very different from that of 5.0 at first sight, but interacting with the icons present will unveil the new animations. Application list is now sorted alphabetically and vertically, making it easy to get to the desired application. Above the list of applications installed, there are four applications that behave differently from the rest. These applications are recommended by Google, so if you use an application frequently, it will be easier access.


With Android 6.0, Google changed again notifications. Notification settings moved to the Quick Settings panel, where you can select the mode „Do not Disturb” very easy. Going into total silence will disable all the sounds and in Alarm only will be disturbed only alarms you have set. How external memory was used in an Android phone so far has been very badly. Almost all microSD cards are slower than the internal memory, forcing an application to move steadily from a quick reading of the internet memory to an external memory read slowly.


There is a better way to use an external memory, and Android 6.0 finally implemented this method. It is called „Adaptable Storage” and allows the operating system to take advantage of secondary storage space in a new way. Rather that treat the external memory as a temporary visitor, making it impossible to store important data, operating system can not adopt external memory and use it as a memory.


That means that the microSD card can be installed applications and dates can be stored important applications, but also means ejection from the phone would be a very bad idea.

Although Google does a very good job to save the information in the cloud, so they will be available anytime you on any Android phone, this is not included, until now, information and settings of other application has been updated and provides support for this once a day will make a backup that will be stored on Google Drive.


Though useful as when you connect your phone to a PC to open a folder with all your personal files in your phone, it is a security risk. So, to avoid potential problems, the default PC connection will be Charge only. That means if you want to copy files from your phone to your PC, you have to select it manually from your phone.

In the last year, occurred several phones with fingerprint reader, and works very well, but these systems are maintained by the producers and are very different from each other. The new fingerprint API provides a single set of instructions that a fingerprint reader can use as a starting point, and application developers will find easy to add support for this in their applications.


Also, if you love another design instead that standard, you can search on Google Play or App Store another applications which change your phone design. Such as Keyboard applications. This kind of application can change your keyboard design and not only this. So, go search on Google play this new feature of application and search for emoji keyboard.