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Then I checked if the start time of our test computer rose after installing McAfee Total Protection him. BootRacer not measured  significant difference in the average time required for startup. And finally, we run and more complex tests offered by Home accelerated 8.

We appreciate firewall module automatically adjusts its level of protection based on the network profile that you set in Windows, and we like that has very low requirements in terms of resources. However, for us it is a very big no that McAfee Total Protection protects its users if they use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer old.


Ease of use and configuration

McAfee Total Protection starts with a home screen that shows you which of your computer’s security status and operating status for several levels of protection essential. If everything is fine, you’ll see only shades of green everywhere, and if something is wrong you’ll see red.

Unfortunately, if you look at the interface as a whole, you’ll see that is a bit like Frankenstein’s monster.

Many of the visuals looks like it was hastily sewn to the main body of the UI. Somehow, these buttons rounded design with some flat sections remind us of Windows XP and Windows 10 at the same time.


ESET Smart Security

The installation will follow its course and when it is ready, ESET Smart Security will ask you to activate it. If you have a license key, all you have to do is to enter.

Both ESET Smart Security disables Windows Firewall and Windows Defender during installation. Thus eliminates the possibility that you will encounter performance issues or conflicts that might arise because both use similar security programs simultaneously.

The product is also integrated well with Windows networking and its features. We did not have any problems accessing shared folders on the local network or to download, install and update Windows applications universal. This is a very good thing.


Next, I checked whether all the processes it runs Premium ESET Smart Security are protected from unauthorized termination. We are pleased to say that are protected so that malware will fail too easily disable security suite. Antivirus are good for older operating systems because they are ironed viruses. All these have sistem antivirus are anti theft devices to block here is information about how to use this system.


To get a PC with viruses, it is preferable to choose always only the best antivirus capable of delivering an anti-virus effective and complete security of data, even if it should get a few coins from his pocket, resisting the temptation to use a free antivirus.


The antivirus program is one of the applications that should not be absent from any computer, whether it’s about commercial antivirus, or one of the many free antivirus solutions, which can be used for free after a simple download.

In the following lines you can find some information about the most popular antivirus, arrived at a new generation, ready to fight for a year in 2011 without viruses.

For a ranking that reflects as accurately level of protection provided by some of the most popular antivirus programs we have used as a guide information provided, an institute whose purpose is safety assessment for various applications IT.

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