Frequently asked questions about Snapchat

If your children use Snapchat application and do not know what it is, or in case you want to install with other applications but are not sure if it’s for you, this guide provides answers to the most frequent questions about Snapchat.


  1. What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a program that lets you to send photos and videos to one or more friends. Unlike other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat messages have a limited duration. This means that after a while, theu dissapear automatically.

  1. Who can use Snapchat?

Snapchat is aimed at both young people and adults. Snapchat further it provides that those persons under 13-17 years must obtain permission from a parent before using this program. If your children under 13 are using this application without your permission, talk with them about this matter. First, Snapchat does not allow children under 13 to use this application, since this is described in its Terms of Use. If the company discovers a 13 years using this application, they immediately deleted this account, without notice. For those who are under 13 Snapchat it has created an application called SnapKidz, which to some extent is a special version of Snapchat.

  1. What is the difference between Snapchat and SnapKidz?

SnapKids not include messaging features, store data or transmit personal information from anyone using this applications. The email address of a SnapKidz user, your password and your age are only stored locally on the mobile team who have installed this application. This information also is sent to Snapchat, so it will remain exclusively with the person. With SnapKidz can take photos and videos, add captions and drawings and save these creations locally on photo album mobile phone.

  1. How much cost to use Snapchat?

If you want to use Snapchat Hack you have to know that is free. This application can be downloaded and installed for free from your mobile store. Also, if the phone has this application installed is connected to a wireless internet access, messaging and video type is also free. On the contrary, if you are not connected to a Wi – Fi network and is only connected to the cellular network of the company providing the telephone service, the application will use the data plan with which this team has. If you have a plan for large data transmission capacity you will not have to pay for this data. But if your data plan is low, send photos and videos constantly could cause your plan quickly and could end up by paying an extra cell phone company cost. So, pay attention to the applications you use and transmit data such as Instagram the same.

  1. You can save all messages on Snapchat?

The person who is sending a message, can save a copy of it before sending it to their friends, as if it were a picture. After this has been sent, the person can no longer save it. Those who receive the message cna not keep using the same application like Snapchat.  However, there are certain techniques that allow you to create a copu if the message gas been receiver. One is to take a picture of the mobile phone screen, which is alo known as a screenshot or snapshot. In addition, there are other wayt to save messages, among which are the use of external applications ot the photo to take a photo  of the same phone cameras. Snapchat has a system that notifies the sender of a message when someone tries to take a snapshot of the message that has been sent to your friends.

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