Year 1988 is the year when appeared antivirus traders, who sold them very low 5 – 10 $. Some companies have tried occasionally to propel, but nobody was paying serious money for a potential evidence. Thus was given a chance for viruses like Stoned, Cascade and Jerusalem to spread without being detected.



However, IMB decided that we must take seriously viruses after he had a spread viruses like Cascade to Lehulpe and fould the predicament to announce his customers that might have been infected. In fact, it was not a serious problem but, at the time, IBM took matters into serous and as a result, the High Integrity Computing Laboratory in Yorktown was decided to begin research in this area.





At the end of 1988 it took place almost simultaneously several events: a large out break of Jerusalem in a financial institution; second – a British company called S&S held its first seminar on viruses theme, seminar that explained for the first time a virus is and how it works; third – held epidemic ‘Friday the 13th’.


One thing was clear to all institutes of financial, academic groups and individuals could easily cope with an epidemic, if they had the necessary tools. All you needed was an effective detection of viruses, but it was not available. As such, it was create the first Anti Virus Toolkint.




In 1989, a Scotish contacted researches from England and has communicated that found a virus in hard disk. He noted that called Datacrime and that he was worried that we will start again on the 13th of next month. When the virus was disassembling, it was found that any day after October he trigger a low-level formatting of the cylinder zero on the hard drive, which determine the most hard disks elimination allocation table files and let users without data.


Meanwhile, display name Datacrime virus. It was published an analysis of the effects of the virus, but they found that it was actually another virus, resident in memory. In America people started to call him ‘Columbus Day Virus’ (12 October) and was suggested that it was written by a Norwegian terrorist, not upset that Eric the Red discovered America, but Columbus. The only cure to eliminate Datacrime was running a detector.


In July, Scottish companies started asking IBM if viruses percent a serious threat. Datacrime can not exist, but the possibility exists that a firm becomes infected with Jerusalem, Cascade or Stoned. ‘What is IBM this threat?’, They asked. IBM held an antivirus program, but it was used only for internal use.


IBM had a dilemma: if it did not offer this software October 13 clients and if a number of computers would have fallen, his reputation suffer. In September 1989, IBM released along with a letter explaining that her clients what it was. October 13th fell on a Friday, so it was an event dub – Jerusalem and Datacrime. In the US, Datacrime was exaggerated and mistaken for one that is not so dangerous as this. In London, Royal National Institute for the Blind said it has had a stroke and had missed a wealth of important research data representing months of work. This event was investigated and indeed taped a small rash of Jerusalem and some files were deleted easily replaceable.

Manual or Automatic Transmission

This is the story of the new B 180 CDI with its completely new transmissions. I answer a question we often grind – worth to buy, manual or automatic box ?! I am one of those who waited breathlessly new generation of Class B. Everyone deserves a second chance, and the most affordable models Mercedes-Benz A and B, they need more than just a second chance.Automatic-vs-Manual-Car It’s now leave aside because 50% I quietly after the official unveiling in Geneva and 50% due to first contact that I had with the new Class B. That’s because Mercedes-Benz has built a new compact platform which is divided by a, B and other models derived from the raw November 2 released. If B site is managed technical, automatic and A’s will be the same, maybe a little more than that. And B is a wonderful car of its segment, a creation that deserves praise from media kit, rewrite the laws under which his class.



Very often when we talk about a compact MPV, be it premium, the trend is that the details of ergonomics and space for passengers to eclipse the record feelings undergone by the driver. It is somewhat excusable because when you spend more for more space should know better offerings. But because it is the most practical test, passengers look for a few pages, the boot space or storage. For the first time ever, Mercedes-Benz has built a compact car, the driver is in the spotlight.


Compared to the previous generation, the new B is as lofty as a Cambridge graduate school to one industrial night school. And new transmissions available for it are almost everything which means new driver comfort and refinement machine. Basic diesel engine has four cylinders, a displacement of 1.8 liters, 109 hp and 250 Nm. As for the range 180 CDI can be coupled with either a manual transmission with six reports offered or standard 7G-DCT box, the first dual-clutch transmission with built by Mercedes-Benz for its compact models. The DCT is optionally available for the new B at a price of 2,257 euros with VAT. This amount, nearly 10% of the standard price of a 180 CDI (25 916 euros including VAT) may be a blockage, but the amount is justifiable most important point: the driver’s feelings.

Disputes between Japanese and German cars are endless, but if our German machine one of its essential qualities, which has proven its value over time, it’s the quality of the metal used in bodywork and paint application quality on it. Even plastic areas such as bumpers, have applied the paint very qualitative, so it resists the little gems that can jump behind the other road. Be it songs massive body such as doors, bonnet or tailgate, be it corners less visible wings that often comes water, paint maintains its layer excellence and the body is absolutely upright even after 165.000 kilometers driven.

Liquid Crystal Display

If the screen size and resolution are easy compared to other models on the market because we are talking about figures, building its technology differs from model to model, the range of devices including the same manufacturer.

In this article we will focus on the different ways in which these screens, but on the practical side of things, such as answers to questions such as what type of screen is better to have natural colors and you can choose whether you want a black deep?



Direct comparison between LCD and OLED technologies, we can say that the screens based on LCD technology provides more natural colors, better brightness and better visibility in natural sunlight. Instead, technology (AM) OLED has advantages as deep black levels and viewing angles very good price of oversaturation of colors and lower power consumption.

Choosing a phone or a tablet screen to match your desires is not exactly easy, but we hope you can make a decision based on the information above.



The display now incorporates a technology that reduces light phone is aided by GPS. Datalii more about this technology can be found on the site This works very simple and scans the area where you are. If you are in the mountains this screen backlight will turn into cold colors for a better use. Systemic revolution will somehow these smart phones.



Most of us first heard of LCD technology and monitors, CRT, but it is also used for phone screens, tablets and other electronic devices. If you want, this is the technology that were developed after many other LCD displays such as TFT, TN, IPS, S-IPS or Super LCD.


LCD TFT – LCD technology first version was enhanced TFT LCD, whose main role was to show a stronger contrast through better management pixels. Over time, manufacturers have developed several types of screens directly derived from TFT including TN and IPS.

TN – TN screens are the cheapest on the market, so that today are found in many phones and tablets cheap. Unfortunately, they have several deficiencies, the most common being poor viewing angles and colors represented modest.

IPS – IPS screens are among the most popular because accurate color reproduction and viewing angles very good. The main flaw is modest black reproduction, which resembles a dark gray.


Super PLS (Plane-to-Line Super Switching) – Developed by Samsung as an alternative to IPS, Super PLS display provides 10% greater brightness and viewing angles better than this.

Super LCD – Another improved version of the classic LCD technology, Super LCD is a low power consumption advantages and color reproduction. Meanwhile appeared versions Super LCD2 and Super LCD3.

Retina Display – Retina Display is another type of LCD, but a marketing term introduced by Apple products such as iPhone and iPad’s manufacturer asserts that offers a higher density of pixels than can perceive the human eye from certain typical remote use. Since the typical distance usage varies by the type of device (phone, tablet or laptop), there is a minimum standard resolution for a screen to be called Retina Display. For example, the iPhone 5 has a density of 326 pixels per inch, iPad and 264 pixels per inch. iPhone and iPad actually use IPS screens. This screen is top of the range technology of our time.