The story of the richest couple in the world of showbiz

The story of the richest couple in the world of showbiz


Although known for almost 20 years, they have formalized their relationship until 2008 when they were married. It is about singer Beyonce and rapper Jay Z, the richest and influential couple of the moment. Their daughter, Blue Ivy, haBeyonces only four years and sing, dance and dream in the footsteps of her mother. Beyonce and Jay Z were known in 2000, when they began to collaborate musically. They were married only in 2008 and they have a four year old girl, Blue Ivy. The relationship between the two artists and their daughter stunned the whole world. „My daughter was introduced to me. My mother and I are very close and always prayed to have such a relationship with my daughter and myself. Is still small, but the connection i had with her since i was born was something i never felt before”, said Beyone. Beyonce and Jay Z are grateful that they did not have an easy childhood. Rapper grew up in a bad neighborhood in New York and has witnessed events that have marked his adolescence. He talked about all of this until before birth of her daughter.

Beyonce and Jay Z

„We still be amazed when we see it. I think it is obvious what we fell for her song Blue. There is talk about the fact that my father left me when i was young and have not learned to be a man or how to raise a child, how to behave with a woman. Obviously, my destiny. I miss only two hatches that i need and now i have a daughter. It is fear that not a good enough father”, explained Jay Z after the birth of his daughter. Jay Z and Beyonce form at the moment the most powerful and richest couple in the world. Rumors about possible divorce have always existed. Artists denied the charges. They refused to give interviews, but have always expressed through music. Together have a wealth of over one billion dollars and Jaxy Z has been named in the past four years, most influential mogul from hip – hop industry. Beyonce, considered the media a „Venus Pop”, released over the weekend its new album, Lemonade, with songs about the complicated relationship with rapper Jay Z and perseverance African – American in their struggle for civil rights sociopolitical community. The first sequence of the film: Beyonce accuses her boyfriend, Jay Z, betrayal in love, then do slalom driving through New Orleans and dab cars to vent their anger.

On social network where all the souls of comment, interpret, senses, the lyrics were given a clear meaning: diva of 34 years with songs they announced bitter separation from Jay Z. However, refuted the rumors, because into another piece, titled peacemaker Forgiveness, Beyonce says he kisses her husband, Jay Z and caress him. Beyonce is one of the singers rewarded with the most Grammys, receiving 17 such trophies – three as a member of Destiny’s Child group and another 14 as a solo artist. Beyonce has starred in films such as “Austin Powers – Gold member” (2002), “The Pink Panther” (2006), “Dreamgirls” (2006) and “Cadillac Records” (2008).

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