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If you have a bicycle, you are favored simply because you are more mobile and can browse much faster than the distances between points of interest on foot.

The car, unlike some who seem to prefer this version is not a very good solution. Not only that you can not enter it in parks, but never will you do if you start too many friends to let damage throughout the city.

The Internet is full of stories of users who entered the various private properties to catch Pokemon. Which is illegal and absolutely not necessary.

The game interface includes a so-called radar – a circle drawn around player. To catch a pokemon or visit a PokeStop should not jump the fence and to penetrate in an area not allowed. If it enters the range of the radar, it can interact with it and a few meters away.

Every game is more fun when played by more people and Pokemon Go is no exception. What is important to know here is that pokemon are not unique to disappear as soon as they were caught by a player. There must be a fight between players who manages to catch him.


The same Pokemon can be caught all those who are in the area. It will automatically disappear after a certain time, independent actions of players.

The mystery leaves

One of the mysterious aspects of the game, left as intended by the manufacturer, is the vortex of leaves that sometimes occurs on the map.

This seems to indicate that in that place may appear a Pokemon at a time. It is an issue that has a chance to occur, it is not a certainty. You can wait five minutes in that place for nothing or you may find that there was a pokemon.

One of the items that can be collected by stopping the PokeStop sites is bait (Lure) that attract Pokemon. Once used, it remains active for 30 minutes, during which attract Pokemon in the area where it was used.

What is interesting and derives from the fact that pokemon are not unique is not only one using bait can catch them, but all those who are in the area. Therefore, it is important to follow the map and you move into an area that was used bait to use and to rapidly increase the number of Pokemon captured.

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The balls that you get when you stop to PokeStop sites are essential to the game’s economy, because they are caught pokemon. Sometimes, depending on the level Pokémon, you have to throw a lot of balls in an attempt to catch it.

If you run out of balls, you do not how to catch Pokemon. So it is important to press with your finger balls that have missed the mark. Some of them can be recovered.

Stop function augmented reality

Augmented reality add a note of veracity of a childish game, like Pokemon Go, but loses its charm throughout the game.

As this is the main energy consumer of a game that consumes a lot of battery anyway, you should turn off while you catch Pokemon AR.

How to play Pokemon Go – tips for an effective hunting

Trainer strong pokemon

Beyond catching Pokemon, they have developed to fight with other players pokemon. In this respect, it is essential Pokemon power.

Each Pokemon has an attribute called CP (combat power – fighting force). With higher catch a Pokemon, the Pokemon that will become stronger over time increases the level.

Use eggs lucky at the right time

As funny as it sounds, the so-called lucky eggs are very important to level up. They are designed to increase the amount of experience gained during 30 minutes.

It is therefore important that such an egg, which can be found at PokeStop sites, to be used before the action that generates a lot of experience. In this way, the amount of experience received doubles.

For example, it is advisable to activate a lucky egg before when a pokemon move to a higher level. Instead of 500 XP, so you’ll get 1,000 XP to level up a pokemon.

When you get to a high enough level, you can participate in battles between Pokemon. Thus, you fight with another player who control their Pokémon.

In this sense, it is good to know that a evasion generates an extra attack. Basically, if you stay away when your opponent attacks, not only avoid a blow, but you have the ability to strike twice.

Avoidance can be achieved through a swipe (line drawn finger) horizontally on the screen. It is hard to say how it got Pokemon Go as fast a true social phenomenon worldwide. Augmented reality, multiplayer component, that takes you out of the house, pokemon itself or acquired during game virtual rewards, however were mixed in amounts of ideal manufacturer. Despite the fact that it is childish and stupid sometimes, Pokemon Go is a game that should be tested, especially those who take themselves too seriously and have a good opinion about them.

The Best Features of Madden Football Games to Attract Viewers

The Best Features of Madden Football Games to Attract Viewers


Are you new to Madden Mobile? Then you should know that this is one of the best platforms for online NFL football games where you can enjoy your love for games while sitting at home or traveling elsewhere. If you have an Android or an iPhone, you can easily go to the Google Play store or Apple Store, respectively and download and install the game. So, from now on you don’t need to wait for the specific schedule to watch your favorite games. If you think you have enough managing skills and knowledge of playing football, go for this app. Before that, know certain exciting features of this game


Madden mobile hack no surveyBuild Your Own Team

This is one of the most incredible features of Madden Mobile games. You can draft actual star players from the past and also of the present through the Auction House or through opening packs. Playing virtually also needs certain strategies. You should build your team with 2-3 star players and concentrate on the performance of upcoming players to include them in your team to make it exclusive. Get your best team to compete with your rivals.

  1. Know the Gaming Modes Well

If you are a newbie, you should get certain ideas about the gaming modes to play those effortlessly. Bet on the quarterback, and you can also go for six with the latest scramble features. You can play head-to-head modes where you can directly face your challenges in the one-to-one game. Also, you can enjoy the league championships according to your skill. You can win incredible rewards by playing games in any mode.

  1. Get Connected with NFL

Do you want to have fun instantly while connecting to Madden mobile? As madden Mobile instantly connect you with all the events of NFL, you can get latest updates of every game and also enjoy several other things. Not only for a day but, you can stay connected with NFL for lifelong. Regular updates and information will upgrade your knowledge about the game which will also help you to brush up your skills. New challenges, instant play option, limited-time but incredible rewards, etc. are main reasons for the immense popularity of Madden Mobile games. Once you get connected to NFL, you can enjoy myriads of games that happen throughout the season. Some of those, are-

  • Live events
  • Mini-games
  • In-season plays
  • Tiered multi-day sports events and lot more
  1. Connection with Social Networking Site

Do you want to get more bonuses and rewards from the games? You need to connect your gaming account of Madden Mobile with your Facebook account. Once you are connected on Facebook, you will be offered more game plans, strategies and obviously, huge rewards each time you log in. You can play the games with more friends and face hard competition to improve your skills.

These exciting features have made Madden Mobile so much popular among the players. Not only teenagers but football lovers of every age love this app heartily.


How to get unlimited coins in Madden Mobile for free?

  • First you will need to find an working Madden Mobile hack no survey!
  • After you find the desired hack, there are many out there online or offline you can use them
  • After you use the hack to generate the coins, don’t forget to restart your mobile device.
  • After you restart your mobile device, just enter in the game and enjoy unlimited coins in madden mobile.

A true adventure in Pokemon Go

You have to fight in specially equipped rooms. You can only fight once you get past level 5 and if you’re near a gym. You can not fight a pokemon who is the leader of that meeting or others. The strongest are your pokemon, the better will stand in battle. So it’s important to them and give them evolve pokemon Power Up.

If you fought and you are well protected from enemy attacks, Pokemon winner will be allowed Gym to defend it. You can win a fight if Pokemon’s Gym there several times until he subtract prestige. If the gym is your team (level 5 and pick your team of 3 available), you can give a pokemon to defend it. So you can become a master Pokemon quickly, you can use and various items such as: pokemon go pokecoins hack sites (you need a pokeball to catch Pokemon, unless you pokeball sites … you can not catch anything), incense, lure, potions, revive and others. Potion – after your Pokemon fought at a Gym, you can use potion to restore his HP website – health points. Revive – if your Pokemon was defeated at Gim must revive uses to recover from the state of “unconsciousness”. PokeBall – to catch Pokemon pokeball sites. Be careful how you throw them after Pokemon, you will lose them fast. Camera – Photo Pokemon’s doing, but do not work in any location. Egg Incubator – you need it to hatch eggs can not be without.



Many items can receive and when you get to a PokeStop, just turning the sign location and you’ll get different items random. You have a shop where you can buy items in the game. Take care! You pay real money! You can choose what Pokemon you prefer, you can give names and you can transfer them to receive food (used to evolve and power up) to the other Pokemon too. It is recommended to transfer pokemon whom you often only those with CP necessarily small, but here matters, and your game strategy. Movement is the most important in this game, so you can find Pokemon us, you can discover the Pokestop sites, you can get new Pokemon eggs or you can fight Pokemon Gym. Because the system by which your movement is monitored by GPS unless you leave home you can still do quite moving if the signal is weak GPS.

Daily record about 4km to me when I sit in the house, only to lose the GPS signal and believe that I went. But remember that you always have to open the game map, otherwise not monitor anything. In the picture below you can see some leaves showing that there is a pokemon, a sign PokeStop, and in the bottom right you can see which Pokemon are near and distance to them. Distance is displayed as trace three tracks that you have a walk, two traces îmseamnă you do not have far to go, a latter means that it is almost without trace mean it’s right next to you.


How the game works?

Pokemon GO uses GPS location and connection on the internet to navigate in the game, without them you can not catch pokemons. When you found a pokemon and click on it, augmented reality comes into action. Pokemon that will sit on your desj, in a car or tree. Using the main camera of the smartphone, your Pokemon appears that apart of the world around them. Because technologies are used failry, new Pokemon GO are functioning only on some devices with Android 4.4 or newer version of iOS 8.0 or newer.


Your smartphone does not think he is as excited as you about new Pokemon game. Because you must  be always open game, perhaps with the brightness at maximum to see clearly in the sunlight, the smartphone will remain fast out of battery, and he will be exhausted and it will heat up to the whole block, all for now because the game is quite demanding. If you have a smartphone weaker, prolonged use of this game can overheat so much that can have permanent demage. Many people, including myself, load quickly to fast – charge phone to be able to play faster. Downloading massive and rapid, with rapid charging, I overhelm my phone, is is always how and moves increasingly difficult. In the evening is more realxing for him.

Another undesirable effect is rapid consumption of data traffic. Take great care if you are on plan, additional charges may quite high. I recommend you to set your phone to a limitation of data traffic that you do not pay extra. The game between 2MB and 8MN per hour. And change your habits if you are caught in this game. You will not talk much on the phone, for fear miss any pokemon, you always go with your nose in your phone and you’ll keep the outside world, you’ll see where you’re going, because you’re watching the game map.


Tips & Tricks

The biggest “secret” of this game is being able to catch it on Pikachu. Not just the first three Pokemon you catch that comes your way and keep going, the fourth will be Pokemon Pikachu. This “secret” is true only when you open the first game. You can accumulate more experience by Pokemon’s power that you catch. If the circle that appears on the next Pokemon is red, it means you’ll catch a pokemon strong and you accumulate more experience when they catch him (green – light yellow – medium, red – hard). You can get experience and if you throw the pokeball effect – by turning it. Incense used to attract more Pokemon.


If you’re in the office use Incense for 30 minutes pokemon come to you at first have two such perfumes, and then you receive when you grow in level, or you can buy if you really want. You can go several times a day at PokeStop site, resets them about 5-7 minutes. If you have one near where you live … you’re super lucky. Go to Settings and disable sounds, vibration and activates Battery Saver does not consume the battery very quickly. You can sit beside another user who uses Lure PokeStop to catch a pokemon who come to him. That’s if you do not mind profiting from it. Lure a user who used to be and there, too, so you can make new friends.