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If you have a bicycle, you are favored simply because you are more mobile and can browse much faster than the distances between points of interest on foot.

The car, unlike some who seem to prefer this version is not a very good solution. Not only that you can not enter it in parks, but never will you do if you start too many friends to let damage throughout the city.

The Internet is full of stories of users who entered the various private properties to catch Pokemon. Which is illegal and absolutely not necessary.

The game interface includes a so-called radar – a circle drawn around player. To catch a pokemon or visit a PokeStop should not jump the fence and to penetrate in an area not allowed. If it enters the range of the radar, it can interact with it and a few meters away.

Every game is more fun when played by more people and Pokemon Go is no exception. What is important to know here is that pokemon are not unique to disappear as soon as they were caught by a player. There must be a fight between players who manages to catch him.


The same Pokemon can be caught all those who are in the area. It will automatically disappear after a certain time, independent actions of players.

The mystery leaves

One of the mysterious aspects of the game, left as intended by the manufacturer, is the vortex of leaves that sometimes occurs on the map.

This seems to indicate that in that place may appear a Pokemon at a time. It is an issue that has a chance to occur, it is not a certainty. You can wait five minutes in that place for nothing or you may find that there was a pokemon.

One of the items that can be collected by stopping the PokeStop sites is bait (Lure) that attract Pokemon. Once used, it remains active for 30 minutes, during which attract Pokemon in the area where it was used.

What is interesting and derives from the fact that pokemon are not unique is not only one using bait can catch them, but all those who are in the area. Therefore, it is important to follow the map and you move into an area that was used bait to use and to rapidly increase the number of Pokemon captured.

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The balls that you get when you stop to PokeStop sites are essential to the game’s economy, because they are caught pokemon. Sometimes, depending on the level Pokémon, you have to throw a lot of balls in an attempt to catch it.

If you run out of balls, you do not how to catch Pokemon. So it is important to press with your finger balls that have missed the mark. Some of them can be recovered.

Stop function augmented reality

Augmented reality add a note of veracity of a childish game, like Pokemon Go, but loses its charm throughout the game.

As this is the main energy consumer of a game that consumes a lot of battery anyway, you should turn off while you catch Pokemon AR.

How to play Pokemon Go – tips for an effective hunting

Trainer strong pokemon

Beyond catching Pokemon, they have developed to fight with other players pokemon. In this respect, it is essential Pokemon power.

Each Pokemon has an attribute called CP (combat power – fighting force). With higher catch a Pokemon, the Pokemon that will become stronger over time increases the level.

Use eggs lucky at the right time

As funny as it sounds, the so-called lucky eggs are very important to level up. They are designed to increase the amount of experience gained during 30 minutes.

It is therefore important that such an egg, which can be found at PokeStop sites, to be used before the action that generates a lot of experience. In this way, the amount of experience received doubles.

For example, it is advisable to activate a lucky egg before when a pokemon move to a higher level. Instead of 500 XP, so you’ll get 1,000 XP to level up a pokemon.

When you get to a high enough level, you can participate in battles between Pokemon. Thus, you fight with another player who control their Pokémon.

In this sense, it is good to know that a evasion generates an extra attack. Basically, if you stay away when your opponent attacks, not only avoid a blow, but you have the ability to strike twice.

Avoidance can be achieved through a swipe (line drawn finger) horizontally on the screen. It is hard to say how it got Pokemon Go as fast a true social phenomenon worldwide. Augmented reality, multiplayer component, that takes you out of the house, pokemon itself or acquired during game virtual rewards, however were mixed in amounts of ideal manufacturer. Despite the fact that it is childish and stupid sometimes, Pokemon Go is a game that should be tested, especially those who take themselves too seriously and have a good opinion about them.

Frequently asked questions about Snapchat

If your children use Snapchat application and do not know what it is, or in case you want to install with other applications but are not sure if it’s for you, this guide provides answers to the most frequent questions about Snapchat.


  1. What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a program that lets you to send photos and videos to one or more friends. Unlike other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat messages have a limited duration. This means that after a while, theu dissapear automatically.

  1. Who can use Snapchat?

Snapchat is aimed at both young people and adults. Snapchat further it provides that those persons under 13-17 years must obtain permission from a parent before using this program. If your children under 13 are using this application without your permission, talk with them about this matter. First, Snapchat does not allow children under 13 to use this application, since this is described in its Terms of Use. If the company discovers a 13 years using this application, they immediately deleted this account, without notice. For those who are under 13 Snapchat it has created an application called SnapKidz, which to some extent is a special version of Snapchat.

  1. What is the difference between Snapchat and SnapKidz?

SnapKids not include messaging features, store data or transmit personal information from anyone using this applications. The email address of a SnapKidz user, your password and your age are only stored locally on the mobile team who have installed this application. This information also is sent to Snapchat, so it will remain exclusively with the person. With SnapKidz can take photos and videos, add captions and drawings and save these creations locally on photo album mobile phone.

  1. How much cost to use Snapchat?

If you want to use Snapchat Hack you have to know that is free. This application can be downloaded and installed for free from your mobile store. Also, if the phone has this application installed is connected to a wireless internet access, messaging and video type is also free. On the contrary, if you are not connected to a Wi – Fi network and is only connected to the cellular network of the company providing the telephone service, the application will use the data plan with which this team has. If you have a plan for large data transmission capacity you will not have to pay for this data. But if your data plan is low, send photos and videos constantly could cause your plan quickly and could end up by paying an extra cell phone company cost. So, pay attention to the applications you use and transmit data such as Instagram the same.

  1. You can save all messages on Snapchat?

The person who is sending a message, can save a copy of it before sending it to their friends, as if it were a picture. After this has been sent, the person can no longer save it. Those who receive the message cna not keep using the same application like Snapchat.  However, there are certain techniques that allow you to create a copu if the message gas been receiver. One is to take a picture of the mobile phone screen, which is alo known as a screenshot or snapshot. In addition, there are other wayt to save messages, among which are the use of external applications ot the photo to take a photo  of the same phone cameras. Snapchat has a system that notifies the sender of a message when someone tries to take a snapshot of the message that has been sent to your friends.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Review

The newest Android operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which was launch the year, has brought an improvement of design, which was first used in Android 5.0 Lollipop. This improvement includes, in some places, the possibility of replacing Google applications and services with whatever the user wishes, and it is easier for developers to build those alternatives that work just as well as providing Google by default. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, we can say that Android has become the most personal operating system that you can use on a phone or tablet.



The new default launcher does not look very different from that of 5.0 at first sight, but interacting with the icons present will unveil the new animations. Application list is now sorted alphabetically and vertically, making it easy to get to the desired application. Above the list of applications installed, there are four applications that behave differently from the rest. These applications are recommended by Google, so if you use an application frequently, it will be easier access.


With Android 6.0, Google changed again notifications. Notification settings moved to the Quick Settings panel, where you can select the mode „Do not Disturb” very easy. Going into total silence will disable all the sounds and in Alarm only will be disturbed only alarms you have set. How external memory was used in an Android phone so far has been very badly. Almost all microSD cards are slower than the internal memory, forcing an application to move steadily from a quick reading of the internet memory to an external memory read slowly.


There is a better way to use an external memory, and Android 6.0 finally implemented this method. It is called „Adaptable Storage” and allows the operating system to take advantage of secondary storage space in a new way. Rather that treat the external memory as a temporary visitor, making it impossible to store important data, operating system can not adopt external memory and use it as a memory.


That means that the microSD card can be installed applications and dates can be stored important applications, but also means ejection from the phone would be a very bad idea.

Although Google does a very good job to save the information in the cloud, so they will be available anytime you on any Android phone, this is not included, until now, information and settings of other application has been updated and provides support for this once a day will make a backup that will be stored on Google Drive.


Though useful as when you connect your phone to a PC to open a folder with all your personal files in your phone, it is a security risk. So, to avoid potential problems, the default PC connection will be Charge only. That means if you want to copy files from your phone to your PC, you have to select it manually from your phone.

In the last year, occurred several phones with fingerprint reader, and works very well, but these systems are maintained by the producers and are very different from each other. The new fingerprint API provides a single set of instructions that a fingerprint reader can use as a starting point, and application developers will find easy to add support for this in their applications.


Also, if you love another design instead that standard, you can search on Google Play or App Store another applications which change your phone design. Such as Keyboard applications. This kind of application can change your keyboard design and not only this. So, go search on Google play this new feature of application and search for emoji keyboard.